Installing WordPress

INSTALLING WORDPRESSThis Installing WordPress eBook guide explains in detail how to install WordPress on your website. You will get all new versions of this WordPress guide for free for a period of six months after the order date.

This guide contains a step-by-step explanation of how you can register a domain, host your website and install WordPress on it. You will need to install the WordPress CMS before you can start using the amazing features of WordPress.

We even explain in this guide how to create a new email account, set forwarders, use webmail and set domain pointers with your Direct Admin console.


Table of contents

1 Check domain availability

2 Register the domain and website hosting with a partner

2.1 Choose your hosting partner

3 The Direct Admin console

3.1 Install WordPress

3.1.1 WordPress Location

3.1.2 WordPress Version

3.1.3 WordPress Settings

3.1.4 WordPress Advanced

3.1.5 Install WordPress

3.2 Create email accounts

3.3 Set email forwarders

3.4 Webmail

3.5 Set domain pointers

4 Login and get started with WordPress

4.1 Sign in to your website

4.2 General Settings

5 Wrap up

INSTALLING WORDPRESS GUIDE FOR WORDPRESS EXAMPLE 4The WordPress system is updated a couple of times a year and whenever that happens we will update our WordPress guides as well. It might take us a couple of days to change it to support the updated WordPress system. We always try to change the WordPress guides as quickly as possible.

Please send us a email when WordPress is updated and you have already bought a WordPress guide from us previously. We will send you the newer version without any additional costs, so you will always have the newest version of your WordPress guide.

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The WordPress Guide

If you are looking for more in-depth knowledge, there is also a WordPress Guide available on this website which explains all the basic functions of WordPress in detail. You will read step by step how to take full advantage of WordPress and create beautiful websites with stunning features. Click here for more information.