The WordPress Guide

Learn everything about WordPress with the WordPress GuideThis eBook guide for WordPress explains the basics of the WordPress content management system. The guide contains subjects as WordPress settings, installing a WordPress theme, publishing posts and pages, text editing, adding media to your website, including widgets and sorting the website menus.

Every subject is explained in detail with the help of text and images. After reading this guide you will be able to start a WordPress website and modify it to your preferences. You will get all new versions of this WordPress guide for free for a period of six months after the order date.

The WordPress Guide Table of contents

1 Why would you choose WordPress?

1.1 Installing WordPress on a website

2 The Basics of WordPress

2.1 Login to your website

2.2 Basic settings – General settings

2.3 Basic settings – Permalink settings

2.4 Installing a WordPress Theme

2.4.1 Search for a WordPress theme

2.4.2 Activating a WordPress theme

2.4.3 Uploading a theme

2.4.4 Finding good paid WordPress Themes

3 Publishing posts and pages

3.1 Creating a page on your website

3.2 Creating a post on your website

3.3 Text editing for posts and pages

3.3.1 Advanced text editing with HTML

4 Adding media to your posts and pages

4.1 Insert Media settings

4.2 Insert Gallery settings

4.3 Insert from URL settings

5 Including widgets to your website

5.1 Adding a widget

6 Sorting the WordPress menu

6.1 Creating a custom menu

6.2 Adding pages to your menu

6.3 Adding links to your menu

6.4 Adding categories to your menu

6.5 Manage menu locations

7 Wrap up

WORDPRESS GUIDEThe WordPress system is updated a couple of times a year and whenever that happens we will update our WordPress guides as well. It might take us a couple of days to change it to support the updated WordPress system. We always try to change the WordPress guides as quickly as possible.

Please send us a email when WordPress is updated and you have already bought a WordPress guide from us in the last 6 months. We will send you the newer version without any additional costs, so you will always have the newest version of your WordPress guide.


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