WordPress – A personal experience

When I first decided to join the blogosphere, five years prior, I had no idea of which platform to choose and no one to guide me. I hit on WordPress early on, because of its fame, and as soon as I made my first blog, I realized this platform was the one for me.

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Why does a person start a blog in the first place? Well, the purpose is usually to put his or her words, pictures or ideas out for the world to see. Someone who is intent on blogging does not want to have to bother with tiny details like working out how to change headers and learning html in order to design the nitty gritty of the blog appearance. A blogger just wants to blog. And WordPress understands that. Just pick a prefabricated theme, and begin blogging!

WordPress Themes

Speaking of themes, WordPress has a huge selection of both free and premium themes. The premium ones are, of course, the nicest, but the free ones have quite a few gems too. The huge variety means you’re likely to find what you’re looking for without too much difficulty, but in case you can’t, there are quite a few flexible themes that allow you to customize to your heart’s content.


It happens – sometimes you just get stuck, or you see a new widget somewhere and want to put it up on your own blog, or you just want to learn more about the features available. In all of these cases, you can simply turn to the helpful WordPress tutorials, which patiently explain how to go about the more complicated things. Of course it is also possible to get some advanced help with the guides that are available for you.

Widgets and Menus

In the beginning, I had no idea what these things were. Over time, however, I learnt about the variety of widgets and menus options that WordPress offers. You can add calendars, countdowns, images, your profile details, your blog stats, visitor areas, links to facebook pages or twitter feed, and a whole host of other options to the sidebars and the bars at the bottom. In addition, you can cluster pages by categories, and add a menu at the top, fully customizable to suit your needs.

Different people, different blogs

Gone are the days that blogging was only for would-be writers. Nowadays there are cooking blogs and photography blogs, travel blogs and bite-size blogs. WordPress, fortunately, can accommodate them all. There are themes specific for each of these types, and you can have additional features like slideshows and picture-only posts, depending on what kind you want to do. Over the years, as blogging has expanded and evolved, WordPress too has done the same in order to continue providing a good blogging experience.

Premium features

If there’s any disadvantage to WordPress, it’s that a lot of features are currently only for premium bloggers, that is, you have to pay for them. While the prices are not so bad, if you blog only for pleasure and not for profit, it can be a little difficult at times, especially if you really want a particular feature and yet are unable to get it. However, for those willing to shell out, there are many, many features that can be accessed for a price and that make your blogging experience even more enjoyable. For those who can’t, the freely available package is more than enough for the simple blogger.

All in all, my blogging experience with WordPress has been pretty good. I would definitely recommend it to other bloggers, especially new ones looking for a home for their works.

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