How do you set email forwarders in Direct Admin

Email forwarders are very practical when you have more than one email account and you don’t want to check every account seperately. The e-mail forwarder sends all emails from one particular account to another.

email forwarders in wordpress website

  1. Forwarders: Click on the text ‘Forwarders’ to start creating email forwarders. Once clicked, you will see a screen similar to the image below.

In this screen you will find an overview of the email forwarders that are already created.

create a new email forwarder

  1. Create new E-Mail Forwarder: Click on the text ‘Create new E-Mail Forwarder’ to create a new forwarder.

Now, you will be forwarded to a screen similar to the image below.

wordpress email forwarder

  1. Forwarder Name: Enter the email address you want to forward here.
  2. Destination Email: Enter the email address receiving the forwarded emails here.
  3. Create: When all fields are filled out, you can click the ‘Create’ button to create the new email forwarder. Once you click, you will return to the previous screen with the overview of email forwarders.

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